Friday, November 23, 2012


it's black friday and i am determined not to indulge in consumerism so i went out to the corn field to see how things were...what i discovered was a reduced amount of cobs with seems the wildlife has found a food supply ( i startled a flight of geese sheltering in some tall grass next to the field [the weather has turned decidedly more winter-like today] and i can only surmise that they were there for food as well as shelter ) could that broken cob with a few kernels left be the result of a deer hoof? maybe...or maybe someone just stepped on it ( not me ) whatever the cause there does seem to be less corn in the field this week than's going to be gleaned whether it abuts a few "big box" stores ( whose parking lots were surprisingly under parked...particularly walmart...perhaps they will finally get the labor unrest they so deserve )...i will be making a few more trips out there to see how things progress...more later.

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