Friday, November 23, 2012

indoor movement

i had said yesterday that the pot i had put the asparagus and hopi blue maize seeds in was still dormant bu this morning i discover it is alive with activity...still a bit early to tell what they are but two seeds have germinated ( if i am going to hazard a guess i would say asparagus...but ii have been mistaken before )..i went out to the shed and prepared a couple of pots with potting mix and compost then took a teaspoon and carefully lifted the plants ( which both had well developed roots ) and put them into roomy new homes...if they are asparagus it will be a challenge to keep them in pots large enough to accommodate their roots until spring rolls around and i can get them into the bed i will be starting in the iu northwest community garden early next spring...more as they become identifiable to my identification skills. 3:26 p.m. 11-23-2012 i believe the telltale remnant of the black seed case still attached to on of the germinated plants clues me in to its asparagus ancestors in the pgp at would be neat to establish a second generation on campus from the original 2010 crowns i to see if it thrives and if i can keep the root sstem happy until april or so.

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