Thursday, December 6, 2012

under the light ( across form the dryer )

there's more going on than i expected actually...the asparagus plant that i transplanted to its own pot ( second photo ) two days ago is growing well and a third asparagus plant ( third photo ) has emerged from the pot that i tossed a number of seeds there's hope for growing a second generation asparagus bed in the iuncg from seed taken form the pgp asparagus...the soybean (fourth photo ) is growing sideways...i am assuming form it height being disproportionate to the ability of its stem to support its weight...but it is still deploying another tier of leaves so it may survive yet...the oldest asparagus plant (fourth photo ) has slowed its vertical growth and will ( i hope ) begin to build a root system...i am going out on a limb here and calling the maize plant a hopi blue ( top photo ) looks remarkably like the plants that germinated on campus last may...those got to be around eight feet tall and i worry about its disposition indoors if it thrives...the acacia may have competition for floor space.

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