Saturday, January 19, 2013


of course while i was on campus on this somewhat cooler saturday i had to have a look at the brussels sprouts just to see what was up...i definitely did not harvest all the sprouts i found last weekend simply because there were some too small to harvest readily...but i do distinctly recall clearing all the sprouts from the stalks...yet today i found sprouts growing from auxiliary buds on the what i did was to leave all the sprouts on the plants and take an inventory of existing ones ( thirty-six total on all plants ) after the single digit lows of the coming week i will go take another count to see if there is further production or if hat is there is just the residual from the season...i am skeptical of finding any additional sprouts out there...but then i did not expect to find any last weekend either...i know sprouts are a cool weather crop but more production seems like an unrealistic ( and unnatural ) expectation...whatever the case i will be letting you know what i find next weekend.

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