Saturday, March 23, 2013

building a community

i was out on campus checking on the pgp and strolled over to the community garden to do some thinking about plant the planning meeting last wednesday rebecca told me i could use to beds instead of one so i can expand my population somewhat...i plan to move the asparagus to the bed in the center row to give them fuller sun and i can fit twenty-one of the plants i have up and running into it...the other bed can be given over to the zea family...even if the teosinte doesn't come up i will be planting hopi blue maize and sweet corn, intercropped with some potatoes and, maybe some beans...i ordered more fall green manure to put in after the middle of july and purchased some pvc pipe to make a couple of worm towers for the red wigglers i intend to let loose in all i need is actual spring and we're in business...more as it comes up.

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