Friday, March 29, 2013


the search for a new stock pot for the upcoming holiday took me out to the strip mall and so i paid a visit to the industrial field to see what was up...i found hundreds of small black birds ( starlings? ) out in the field...finally something natural there...the were busily cleaning up the grain left behind last autumn and there seemed to be enough to support a large populati )n both in this field and the one across sterling creek drive...still no sign of either development or a new crop but the season is very early yet...after the successful acquisition of the stock pot i drove over to campus to visit with a few people ( you are never there on fridays coach!) and have a look at the pgp and the iuncg...spring here has remained fairly cool ( although today is quite mild if you happen to be out of the breeze ) and even though they don't look it from a distance there is movement in both gardens...the intermediate wheat grass from kansas is greening up and the forage variety ids putting up shots next to the northern tepehuan teosinte...the gamagrass continues to "green up" and if the temperatures remain this warm for a few more weeks ( fifty degrees fahrenheit or so ) i will be unmulching the asparagus at the pgp in a couple of weeks and planting the same at the iuncg...part of me wants this to hurry along and another part wants a smoother transition than we had last year...patience will be a virtue either way...see the iuncg post for movement there...more as it comes up

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