Tuesday, April 23, 2013

asparagus at last

gardening is an all weather sport and today was another wet, chilly one out there...the big news of the day is that there is finally an asparagus plant up...i was reasonably concerned about it because, no matter what the weather, the have always put in an appearance by mid april and these were running late...true it is only the beginning of a single spear but once one crops up the others aren't usually far behind...the fledgling zea diploperennis is doing well and is unmistakable as it gears up for the season...still no growth out of the beds from last year so i planted a few more seeds around just to play it safe...i can feature a lot of changes in the pgp as time goes on but i will always want to grow teosinte...hopi blue maize is too cool to pass up as well...the intermediate wheat grass is booming along...ignoring the chill as it has all winter and spreading out like a good perennial...three more rouge jerusalem artichokes have popped out of the garden and are destined for my backyard soon...doubtlessly there will be more of the invasive little critters...as i recall there were upwards of eighty after the first season...last year's poor production may cut that back a bit but more of these stubborn critters are lurking about...there is green in the garden...and now purple too...now if the red nordlands in the community garden show up... i will be a bit less impatient...still more to do.

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