Sunday, April 7, 2013


it has been a busy morning on campus...about 7:30 i got to the pgp and began to unmulch for the season...forty-five minutes of work and we're open...i found what i hope is new growth on the zea diploperennis but i will be withholding a final judgment until things progress abit...the intermediate wheat grass from the land institute is obviously liking the somewhat warmer temperatures we've been having...nothing much in the way of precipitation however and that is bothersome after last year's drought...could be that it isn't really over yet even as the industrial farm system is revving up for what they hope will be a bumper year...given the continuing dry conditions tot he west this may be simple hope...the northern tepehuan teosinte has sprouted a third leaf as the wheat grass fills in around it...asparagus should be up soon but i am still wondering if whatever was burrowing into the yam bed last autumn has left any yams behind to grow...i will be on the lookout for rouge jerusalem artichokes as well...last year's harvest was a disappointment but i am willing to wager i did not find them all.

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