Sunday, April 7, 2013

worm towers

my son-in-law drilled out the pvc pipe for my worm towers for me and i took them along for each bed...i dug holes in the corner and buried them with the holes below ground ( obviously the worms need to get in somehow ) about once a week i will be dumping vegetable scraps into the towers to provide a food source for the worms which will then move out into the beds, aerating the soil and distributing worm castings...i had planned to import colonies of red wiggler worms but while digging i found an abundance of worms already in residence so that isn't probably necessary unless there is a dearth of worms in other garden should be without them and, as a side note, chemical fertilizers change the ph of the soil either killing the worms or making the beds uninhabitable ( the anhydrous ammonia used in the industrial fields reduces populations by about fifteen percent with every application...they recover but only slowly )organic is better fro the soils life.

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