Tuesday, May 7, 2013

yams tubers and grasses at the pgp

i planted some government potatoes in the pgp last season that never put in an appearance...the wintered over though and they are on the south end of the teosinte...i won't call them volunteers since i never harvested any...but they are there none the less...speaking of teosinte...the plants have gone froma few shoots to a multiplicity of green leaves...another lush stand of "wild and weedy" ancestors this year...the garden engineer is still inordinately pleased about that...chinese yams and intermediate wheat grass from kansas seeming to explode in growth....i will have to do something about a trellis for the yams very soon...the asparagus is also very strong this year...altogether i have harvested seventeen spears in the last ten days or so...i split this evenings take with someone who occasionally dropped by to chat last season as i worked the garden...she said she wondered if i was back this year because the garden looks very different because of the open space for the wheat grass...i told her there would be maize after what i plan on planting friday germinates and things will look a bit more familiar as the yams vine out...more as it comes up.

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