Monday, May 12, 2014

a different kind of fruit tree II

it has been spring for some time now and while it has been a bit on the cool side so far ( until home weather station says to day's high was eighty-six degrees fahrenheit...humid too ) i have been wondering what was up with the vines...but yesterday i noticed some budding going on and now there are fully fledged leaves appearing on the grape vines in the elm tree at the back of what passes for a patio back in the jungle...good that the grapes made it through this past winter and i will be planting geraniums out there as a repellant/trap crop for the japanese beetles..i still have five gallons of frozen juice from last autumn that needs to be transformed into jelly ( there have been a couple of requests for refills and as soon as things slow a bit i will be on it )...the back yard is coming to life and there will be more planting soon enough...crookneck squash, cucumbers. kohlrabi, some wild cherry tomatoes and some heirlooms maize this year , i think, there is teosinte up out there...zea the squirrels won't mess with...there are spuds out there too and the sunchokes...homegrown lunches are in the near future.

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