Sunday, June 8, 2014

beans = no till

when i got out of the truck to look at the field by the supermarket my first thought was that the farmer was slacking...all i initially saw was the same dead cover crop from my last visit...but as i looked a bit closer in among the corn detritus from year before last ( and i am hoping for volunteer industrial corn in this field over the summer...i would like to photograph anything that resembles ears to compare with the ones i took out here in 2012 )i saw green...rows of it...straight down through the dead grass...a no till bean field has sprung up since the last time i tramped around out here and that is a step in the right direction...soybeans must lend themselves to the mechanics of no till better than dense yellow #2...i have already discovered that more than half of the beans planted in lake county are in no till fields which cuts down on fuel usage and emissions if nothing else...the roots from the cover crop will help deter erosion as stuff from the monoculture...more suburban field posts as the season continues.

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