Monday, June 30, 2014

blooms, near blooms, vines, and a season ending

we have squash blooming in the community garden and we have been thinning the blooms on the vines so we get bigger, rather than more, squash...good news for the squash fans...the jerusalem artichokes are beginning to bud and will be in bloom this coming month...a display of yellow blooms because they're sunflowers...another pole bean has found the maize in the three sisters' bed...looking to see blooms there soon as well...and the last photo is of a german butterball potato plant whose leaves are curling up at the top and dying back at the bottom...a sure sign that the season is drawing to a close for these spuds ...the garlic will be done soon as well...could we have some garlic spud from the garden? who's up for that?

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