Sunday, June 22, 2014

collards and maize

i was scolded ( albeit mildly so ) over a dearth of collard greens in the community garden yesterday as i was working in my travels yesterday afternoon i searched for collards to transplant...there would seem to have been a run on collard plants across northwest indiana this season...the stock reply was "out of stock"..."just sold the last of them yesterday"....or some such i procured some seeds instead and planted them in the garden this morning...while i was there i noticed some of the maize had taken something of a pounding in yesterday's weather...not to worry...i righted them and hilled some soil around the base opposite the side of the prevailing wind...the plants need to be upright for the pole beans to vine on...the cucumbers...wrapped securely around trellis poles, weathered the storm in their proper orientation...they look to be headed for a prolific season.

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