Sunday, June 1, 2014

industry explained ( i think)...

it's the first of june and the field next to the supermarket has pretty much died dead...this leads me to surmise a few things...1) i was dead wrong about it being winter wheat...2) it is a cover crop ( or an absolute crop disaster ) and this field is destined to be plowed and planted in soy beans this month...3) most of the field is simply dead grass but a small percentage of the plants have developed seed heads ( third photo ) which look a good deal like the winter rye in my back yard ( last photo ) much for my ability to determine the difference between wheat and rye by leaf width...seeds are a much more reliable indicator so no more predictions until i see some seeds...a bean field here means volunteer industrial corn mutating out there ( speaking of mutant corn, did i say that a new friend out west is sending me some pod corn to grow? that will be fun/interesting )...there will be more reports form this field soon.

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