Tuesday, June 17, 2014

late corn

a trip out to the garden center took me past the field behind the big box stores...last time by it had been plowed and disked but i could not tell what had been planted...this evening it is officially a field of dense yellow #2 ( second photo )...and a very late planting..more bean planting time than corn...it has, however, been a wet and cool spring and the corn i had seen that had been planted in late april and early may had stalled until the recent warm-up...you can tell it's warm and sunny by the cracked soil in the photos, and, while there is a threat of rain ( and how is rain a threat? never understood the phrase...need to stop using it i imagine ), the weather remains dry for the moment...the corn is spaced in standard thirty inch rows but there seems to have been some sort of mechanical issue during planting...field corn is usually spaced one foot apart along the rows...occasionally a planter will skip and plants will find themselves two feet apart ( and will usually produce two ears instead of the standard one ) but this planter seems to have malfunctioned in a different direction..the plants in the third photo are a foot apart, but the ones in the last photo are only six inches apart...and i saw quite a few of those...if there are some near enough to the edge of the field we can chronicle the impact of that close planting on production...stay tuned.

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