Tuesday, June 3, 2014

more blooms

more tomatoes have begun to bloom...that's a good sign that things are moving along...the peppers are coming into flower as well ( and, it would seem, some of our insect friends have been dining out given the holes in the leaves )...to top that one pepper plant has already begun to hatch peppers...you know the season's in gear when produce starts to appear...transplant or not...the potatoes have joined the parade as well as one of the ollalas has flowered and more are displaying buds ( along with the german butterballs )...i am partial to tubers so this is good news for me...fresh spuds in another month or so and on through the autumn as the plants produce in the rotation they were planted in, leading up to the jerusalem artichoke harvest which will be last of all...things are moving along...still lots of work before the payoff...stay tuned.

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