Saturday, June 7, 2014

no no-till this season

a week can bring a lot of changes in the garden...and a lot of them in industry too...the field behind the big box stores is still available for development...but there doesn't seem to be enough financial will to get anything going in this "shovel ready property" it has been leased and plowed in the six days since i was last by here ( tomato cages for the community garden and some supplies to start work on some trellises when the cucumbers are ready for them today )...the bi-polar monoculture of corn and beans has rotated around to dense yellow #2 by my reckoning and that would explain the till corn is done around here...i found some north of wheeler last year i believe...but not this never was no till for i expect to see little examples of engineered zea family plants out here soon...if we're lucky the seed company will put up some signs and hybrid numbers for us to gawk at, photograph, research, and...maybe... collect...i believe i will be stopping off to monitor the field by the supermarket ( which i am assuming will be soy beans this year ) tomorrow either before or after a community garden/pgp trip...there will be a post about movement ( or non-movement ) sometime tomorrow...just as an add on...research informs me that as of june second 95% of the corn crop in indiana is this is reasonably late planting.

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