Thursday, June 26, 2014

not my neighbor's sort of grasses

there are several varieties of grasses growing in my back yard and none of them come from scott's and there's no "turf builder plus 2" out there either which, even though this is a thoroughly working class district of suburbia, leaves some of my neighbors less that ecstatic...they would prefer sculpted shrubbery and zoysia grass so thick even moles can't burrow through it...zoning ordinances haven't caught up to me yet...mostly, i assume, because the weird stuff is mostly out back...the front is sort of weedy but there are pansies and marigolds and some actual lawn out there that gets mowed almost regularly...only the cat and i go out back so i pretty much get to grow what i like and this season there are numerous stands of cereal grasses and a "wild and weedy" ancestor along with the standard helianthus tuberosum, solanum tuberosum, and the zea family ( teosinte and fern's pod corn )...from top to bottom there is intermediate wheat grass, spring wheat, black tip wheat , and winter rye...the wheat is maturing in dribs and drabs but is mostly still green..the rye is starting to arch which means it will be done all has its uses and will be hauled in as soon as it is ready for harvest...then what? well..another stand of winter rye for sure.

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