Sunday, June 8, 2014

the long and short of it

last year the sweet corn ( first photo ) reached a height of around six and a half to seven feet..the hopi blue ( second photo ) topped out at over eight feet in most plants and one spectacularly tillered ten footer...the jerusalem artichokes are pushing up over eighteen inches right now and will hold their own height-wise with the hopi blue...eight to ten feet of big yellow flowers and then multitudes of tubers...the cucumbers ( forth photo ) probably won't get anywhere near the height of the others...but will make up for it by vining profusely and producing loads of succulent fruits...there should be quite a bit of production in these seven beds...the plant population to date breaks down like this: asparagus-12, brassica ( unsure to this point if it's kohlrabi or cabbage...but they are surely brassicas )-4, cucumbers-27, garlic-6, jerusalem artichokes-9, maize-40, mashua-2, onions-7, peppers-4, pole beans-1, potatoes-40, tomatoes-6, wheat-13. 179 plants up and running...if it's possible we would like to collect as much harvest data as possible...numbers and certainly weights...since this is a community garden and open to the public that my be impossible but we will collect all we can to try to establish some sort of productivity index for future comparison...information about food production seems as vital as the food itself if we are going to make this a viable and sustainable project.

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