Saturday, June 14, 2014

the third sister

"four seeds were planted in two pairs. the pairs should be about twelve inches apart, and the two seeds in each pair, a half inch apart." "native american gardening:buffalobirdwoman's guide to traditional methods"__________________________________________________i am not sure what variety of squash buffalobird woman was planting in her garden around one hundred years ago ( the book was first published in 1917 ) but the straightneck squash ( top two photos ) we put in the three sisters' guild in the end bed ( third photo ) will not tolerate being anywhere near that close together so we spread a dozen seeds out along the front and between the maize and bean plants, making an effort to give them all what they need in terms of space...we threw in a couple across the bed to keep the pod corn company as well and yet a couple more in an open spot a couple of beds over...squash lovers out there? there should be some in about fifty days from germination...somewhere in august.

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