Saturday, June 28, 2014

up ersatz creek

i know i have said i lusted after a riparian rustication but this isn't that dream come's the south side of my house after a rain that left standing water in the wheat and beat up a stand of winter rye out back ( and knocked out the power for a couple of hours to boot )...that brought the total for the day to .94 inches pf rain and 9.43 for the month...with a yearly average precipitation of 39.14 inches that means june has scored us 24.09% of our annual total...things are getting seriously waterlogged in places and leaves are beginning to turn yellow which isn't an especially good omen...out tomorrow looking at the industrial world and how it is doing in all of this...low-laying crops will be drown out and there will be tell-tale bare spots as it is too late to replant in most cases...there was some yellow in the garden this afternoon...more an that as it turns up.

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