Wednesday, June 25, 2014

vines and clover

i am impressed with the length of the awns on the black tip wheat in the top photo ...and since this is my first experience with this plant we are curious to see where the name fits in the morphology...lots of new zealand white clover has popped up int the last couple of days...the perennial green manure will be setting nitrogen in conjunction with the rhizobia bacteria we put in there...with the rain there should be a fair colony coming along...another pole bean vine has found the maize ( third photo ) while the explosion of vines in the east cucumber bed had called for the addition of another tier of jute because th evines had topped out the poles and were trying to cling to air...trained to grow horizontally they will produce a wall of foliage and cukes soon...we will be guying the ends of the trellis down this weekend...boom town indeed.

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