Sunday, July 13, 2014

...then agian, there are new blooms too...

despite ( or because of? ) the rain the cucumber wall has irrupted in blooms and that bodes well for production...hope you all like them...there will be many and they will be insistent in their presence...there are already numerous green tomatoes in the cages ( and a few out of them in some rather unexpected places....cherry tomato seeds from last season have hitched a ride to the new garden...they weren't planted purposefully ) and there are multiple blooms on the plants...they too will be producing well into autumn...i see fresh salads...the jerusalem artichokes are on the very verge of a blooming explosion of yellow that is not because of the stress of too much water ( they have shrugged the water off...i don't call the relentless lightly )...sometime in the next week helianthus will come to the garden in full flower.

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