Friday, July 25, 2014


the jerusalem artichokes in the community garden ( top two photos )are about eight feet tall and blooming away with the trademark bright yellow flowers that say "helianthus" ( big ones too )...the stand in my back yard that is oriented along an east-west axis on the south side of my house ( same orientation as the ones in the inucg ) which allows them the longest exposure to daylight are lagging a bit behind...not in height..they are actually taller than the ones on campus...but they haven't flowered yet...they are on the verge...and i would expect some blooms over the weekend...but the day length exposure and micro climate in my yard must be a bit different...they are the same variety ( stampede ) and both were fall planted ( even though the community garden ones moved in april...that was before they sprouted ) so i am thinking climate is the difference...about six miles apart.

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