Wednesday, July 2, 2014

variable impacts I

a day after hilling the maize back into an upright position there isn't a lot of evidence that there was a significant storm...the three sisters bed looks fine and apart form a list to the east by the jerusalem artichokes ( second photo ) which won't hurt the tubers and a few broken leaves ( third photo ) everything looks good ( fourth photo ) the plants are resilient...we also hope there isn't much more severe weather this season...that may be asking too much given all the el nino talk about and the behavior the climate has been exhibiting so far...we can hope however and we can do what we can to buttress the garden against the is far more exposed than the old garden and what we gain in a significant increase in sunshine we pay for in vulnerability to wind and things like hail...a trade-off...something we all deal with daily and it goes for the garden too...we are all embedded in the, me the plants, and the squirrels who will try to eat them...we need to make peace with the elements.

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