Thursday, August 7, 2014

beans for shannon!

the bean and cucumber wall is fat with beans and they are climbing all over the maize as is a beany ( where's cecil? )world out there and no mistake...while i was in th egarden who should i bump into but shannon ( if you mine the blog for "planting day appendix II" from may 20th you'll find photos of shannon planting flowers seeds in a corner bed with ellen ) we had a nice chat about what she would like to do in the garden in the next season and i encouraged her to attend any and all planning meetings and we certainly will provide her with a bed to plant and give whatever help we can...she scored some beans, jalepenos, and cherry one huge cucumber for her "taco and salad" dinner...great! what we are here for...any one else interested? stop by the garden for a chat...and a tomato or two.

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