Wednesday, August 20, 2014

corner boxes and clover

the bachelor's buttons that ellen and shannon planted on may twentieth are spilling out over the side of the corner box while the rest of the flowers are going to bloom cyclically until the other bookend corner box the helianthus family is in residence for some time to come as the firecracker sunflowers and the jerusalem artichokes compete for blooming honors...just outside the box the arborvitae is doing shocked a bit when it was first planted...due in part because the root ball was bone dry...someone at menards wasn't paying attention to has recovered nicely and has added a bit of height as the season has gone on...the ends of the branches have stopped turning brow and it looks settled into its new home for a lengthy stay...back in the beds the very first new zealand white clover blooms have appeared...they have been chugging along for a while now...fixing nitrogen and now have turned to working on producing seed...if you look closely under the leaf on the left side of the bloom's stem you can see another flower just starting to enmerge...i still have seed for this and for dixie well as winter vetch and winter rye and some alfalfa too...we will have "green" nitrogen for spring and erosion control for winter...the season never really ends...just shifts gears.

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