Sunday, August 10, 2014

truck garden ( sort of )

when you haul a lot of stuff like gypsum and compost around during a season some spillage is inevitable...plastic bags aren't tear-proof and the spillage gravitates to the bottom of the out gardens at the end of a season involves the cartage of a lot of biomass...including seeds...they overwinter in the spillage and "naturalize" season, hey presto! a mobile garden...ian cheney ( one of the makers of the film "king corn" ) made a film called "truck farm" ( it isn't available on dvd right now but you can own the right steam it on amazon for ten bucks ) took the old pickup they drove to iowa and planted a garden in the back and goes around to schools selling the idea of community i am at home with the idea even if this wasn't intentional...there's lamb's quarters in there ( second photo ) and asparagus ( third photo ) so one native and two edibles...what the bunch grass is for sure i don't know but i am inclined to think it's foxtail...whatever it is there's a micro season in the truck.

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