Wednesday, October 8, 2014


"as a fundamental principle weeds should be controlled, not eliminated. straw mulch, a ground cover of white clover interplanted with the crops, and temporary flooding provide effective weed control in my fields." masanobu fukuoka from "one straw revolution"____________i had planned to turn this bed of clover under come spring...but my reading around has given me second would seem we have been following mr. fukuoka's system somewhat unconsciously ( or, perehaps, he has had a serious impact on the ides of other writers i have been reading and i have come to them through a filter )...if you look closely at the second photo you'll see, besides the clover, leaves from beans and potatoes ( as well as potato stems ), probably some weeds, and just in the left hand side of the photo a bit of asparagus...we already have crops interplanted with clover an a straw mulch is simple ( we will most likely skip the temporary flooding part )...there may be a need to grow more vegetables in the garden next season ( more on why as events unfold )but i may be intent on keeping one experimental bed alive...just to see what kind of production and harvest may be possible with full time, perennial green manures

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