Monday, October 13, 2014

viability VI

another of the teosinte seeds from the 2012 native seed search batch has germinated ( top photo ) so i am pretty well convinced of the viability of that seed which is good news ( we are full of good garden news today )...even better, the seed i rescued from the mold induced by being in the basement for nearly a year is doing fact on was ready to pot (second photo ) i i was preparing to plant it i noticed that the root had penetrated the paper towel( third photo )...i tore the towel as carefully as i could with tweezers but rather than risk damaging the root i ended up planting the seed with a bit of paper towel attached ( fourth photo )...more organic matter in the peat pot and, nearly as i can tell, no harm done...into a peat pot filled with compost and a bit of potting mix and downstairs under one of the new, broader spectrum, grow lights to green up...natural daylight will be playing a part in this plant's start, but the object is to try to grow it to maturity indoors...we'll see.

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