Thursday, October 16, 2014

viability VII(b)

the top photo is of the progress the teosinte seedling i potted three days ago compared to the second photo which is of the same plant under the grow light just after planting...i have left it in natural light ( and dark ) since and it seems to be doing well...what its long-term chances are remain to be seen but i will be doing my best to preserve a plant that is the result of a test germination...not an especially happy house plant, it is prone to become "leggy" and topple over...mature plants ten to want to lie down along the ground as the become taller ( maize has benefited from this trait to the extent that it does not seem to suffer much damage when blown over in storms as evidenced by the maize in the community garden this past season )but in a seedling it usually spells disaster...we'll see how this goes...the bottom photo is of another of the indoor seeds i rescued from the mold and potted in something of a hurry before i left for work this morning ( and so no photos of its planting )

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