Tuesday, November 4, 2014

basement growth

with scorzonera and teosinte there's quite a bit of activity under the lights downstairs...but what has me really geeked at the moment is the early blue potatoes...the plant in the second photo has become the one in the third in just seven days...the second plant in the pot ( fourth photo ) is coming along nicely as well...the two in the fifth photo are the two in the sixth...if this is any indication there will be a good over-winter season...there are fans going to control the humidity and and i am making a serious effort at controlling the photo period since all light isn't natural...last winter taught me to pare my watering schedule to the bone...not easy to do...but fungi are the enemy and water is their friend...more as i "hill" these and others that have chitted are planted...we will have very local seed potatoes again next spring...but i am hoping for greater quantity and variety...more as it comes up.

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