Sunday, November 30, 2014

eastern gamagrass

those things that look like chunks of wood in the top photo are eastern gamagrass seeds...i collected them from the stand of grass in the pgp before i did them in in an effort to try to re-establish some here at home...they are of notorious low fertility ( can't imagine why )...the three plants i had on campus represented the germination of exactly ten percent of the thirty seeds i planted in november of i am somewhat skeptical about what sort of success this experiment will encounter...they usually have to winter over to break dormancy, however amongst all the information mary eubanks form duke has sent me over the years is the little nugget telling me that , like teosinte, a soak in hydrogen peroxide will break dormancy as well as a winter in the takes a bit longer though..two hours instead of twenty has always worked on teosinte, so i am giving it a try here mostly to see if the seed has any viability at seed germinating will be an unqualified long? who knows...there is no sign of the burdock i planted last month ( perhaps time for another shot at that...i am told that tow weeks is the outside for germinating burdock...may have been a dud seed )so who knows how long something as recalcitrant as gamagrass will take...if anything happens you will be among the first to know.

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