Sunday, November 2, 2014

frost bitten

it was twenty-four degrees ( fahrenheit ) when i woke up this morning so there was a serious frost overnight...after i wandered around the industrial fields ( see next post ) i took off for campus to, among other things, check on the garlic mulch to be sure nothing had gone awry...that's all good but most of the rest of the garden's season has come to a close...the clover in the top photo has lain down with the frost but it is a cold hardy perennial and my feeling is that it will be standing again soon enough...not so for the geranium in the second photo and the frost on the beans in the third is an indication their production is done...the peppers in the fourth photo have begun to wilt as have the tomatoes in the fifth...the biology club bed in the bottom photo is on the west side of the garden and was still in the shade when i took that photo...about the only other thing in the garden that has come through the frost is some of ellen's bachelor buttons in the corner box...production may be at an end but the season isn't...just slowing down some...mostly maintenance from here until spring...checking the mulch covers and looking in on the green manures that planting will be inoculated field peas in early march to add yet more nitrogen and organic matter when they are turned under a few weeks before planting...look for periodic reports ( if you are interested ) here and on the garden's facebook page.

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