Friday, November 7, 2014

green manures, mulch, and beans

the clover which looked so beaten down with the frost last weekend is looking every bit the perennial it is today ( first photo ) ...the blooms are off until spring but the leaves and roots are still good to go...over in a corner by a worm tower a first year asparagus plant is still up and running ( second photo ) doubt helped along by both the nitrogen and the shelter the clover provides...the alfalfa in the third photo has weathered the weather as well...three true leaves mean it is established enough to over winter...nitrogen again, and ground cover...both the mulches on the garlic beds are fine...i had expected no less but will continue to check up on them all winter...on the other end of the spectrum the frost did in the bean/cucumber wall ( fifth photo )...we will be removing the trellis this weekend...there's good news here as well though...i got a dozen mature seed pods from the vines ( sixth photo...there are a few more in there not quite ready yet ) so we have a few more truly local seeds for plants in the spring...we may not become completely self-sufficient but we will continue to move in that direction.

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