Sunday, November 23, 2014

industrial harvest 2014

the harvest is in so you can see the big box stores can see how actually small the field is as well ( top photo ) farmers' existences are economically sketchy so any and all production is a plus ( "get big or get out" earl butz...the nixon administration viewed food as a weapon and they used it to undermine traditional local agriculture...we verge on a political rant )...there was spewage from the combine ( second photo )...but that spewage serves as a mulch over much of the field ( third photo ) and the stalks are intact so the roots are holding soil together as well...they will also leave me a marker to use to ascertain whether the beans that go in here next spring ( if there isn't some sort of strip mall going in instead...the land is still "available for development" )are no-till...can't argue with the conservation or the markers...the combine was fairly thorough in stripping the kernel off the cobs ( fourth photo ) but like all anthropogenic technology it wasn't 100% efficient...some got away ( fifth photo ) the deer will be much more efficient in gleaning the field...right fern?...i believe i will be looking in on the field and the mulch and the left-overs as winter progresses...i have an idea for a spring project as well...more as it comes up.

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