Friday, November 7, 2014


today's biggest garden geek news is that the mashua i planted last spring out in a bed has died back ( top photo )...but not without setting tubers...they aren't especially huge but, given my day length concerns, i will take them gladly...there were a couple of smaller pones around the base of the plant in the root ball ( second photo ) and two larger ones that were in the soil ( third photo )...i brought them home and cleaned them up ( fourth photo ) and i immediately planted that small piece which may have broken off one of the larger ones ( fifth photo ) i am not entirely sure about mashua's behavior, but if remains true to the experience i have with potatoes and jerusalem artichokes, that small piece should produce a plant and if i can grow tubers over the winter in the basement we will have a local source of mashua...that may not be possible...but this hasn't really stopped me before and i am set in my ways...more as this progresses

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