Saturday, November 15, 2014

the once and future bean ( wall )

like a lot of things in the garden this isn't really done..there's movement, but on a a level that is usually unseen unless you look...mostly because the standard view of gardening is that it is something that takes place between may and september...but there's usually stuff going on all year...the bean and cucumber wall ( albeit mostly beans ) in the top photo isn't going to be producing anything more this season so it was time to take down the trellis and remove some of the vines ( second photo ) although we left as many roots in place as possible...there were still bean pods on the vines ( third photo ) and we collected a number of them ( fourth photo ) to go along with other mature ones we collected for seed for next season...however, nature is pursuing her own plans for the bed...the pod in the fifth photo has shattered and deposited at least two seeds in the bed...there are doubtlessly more unseen since we probably did not collect all the pods or seeds from ones that has best guess is there will be beans here again next season, whether from human intervention or natural processes...or both..there will be scads of cherry tomatoes as well...both in the beds they occupied this past season and, probably, a few neighboring ones as well...that's fine...with the cool season this past summer they were the only tomatoes that really successfully ripened on the vine..we could, conceivably, just let the garden reseed itself and take planting day off...that would spoil part of the fun though so i imagine planting day will be a go.

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