Wednesday, November 26, 2014

wednesday spud report

it's verging on winter outside...but the indoor season is booming along...the early blue in the top photo have topped the container and then some...i have been filling the plot as the plants grow and hope to stimulate some serious tuber production before spring...the plants produced well last winter but i would like to expand the seed potato population for next spring and grow a truly local crop of tubers of as many varieties as i can muster...which is why, difficult as it may be to see, the all red up and running in the second photo is good news...the bigger the variety the better...the cactus looking affair in the third photo is actually a third variety of is the craigs snowwhite i planted ten days ago...nicely green, there should be leaves soon...finally, the bottom photo isn't a spud at is the scorzonera and it seems fine...the third leaf continues to grow...but...i have zero experience with this plant so i have a steep learning may not be well at all...time and experience will reveal that far so good indoors...more fixtures for lights on the way...more potato varieties chitting away and preparing for planting...there will be more to this story later.

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