Saturday, December 13, 2014


as a group the teosinte down in the basement is doing every bit as well as the potato population...all eight plants are still with us and they are between seven and ten inches tall with between five and seven leaves...i have been sparing with watering these plants...not as sparing as with the spuds but i have taken a cue from my experience with outdoor teosinte and i am watering only when the leaves curl from transpiration...and then not too much, just enough to let the plants recover...water and wit forty minutes or so to see if the leaves smooth out...if they do, that's enough...there is a heat vent in the plant room and the air can be fairly dry at times...the curling cue helps me keep from over-watering them and rotting the roots in an environment that has a fluctuating humidity...we learn from past mistakes...haven't seen any roots protruding form the bottoms of the peat pots yet...when they do it will be time to set up yet another grow light and do some containeriaztion...there could be quite a jump on the season if this can be sustained.

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