Saturday, December 6, 2014

still some color

it's true that the clover has laid down and begun to pull in chlorophyll for winter ( and has provided what i hope is an effective living mulch for the asparagus ) and so has the asparagus ( top two photos ) but the garden isn't lifeless and there's still some color to be found if you take a look...the alfalfa and winter rye in the third photo are green as ever and looking robust...and of in one of the corner boxes there is till some lingering color in ellen's bachelor buttons...stroll across to the other corner box and there's more residual color ( and the arborvitae helps that along as well )...winter itself begins in a few sort of significant snowfall yet...that will change things in the garden quite a bit i think...what the season holds is yet to be seen...we will be looking in on a regular basis..even if it is only to photograph snow.

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