Saturday, January 3, 2015


preliminary research indicates that the cool, wet summer that was so conducive to the formation of potato fruits was also the main cause of my grape harvest withering on the vine...unfortunate because it put the kibosh on the jelly production this year...but the grandfatherly root stock ( top photo ) is still in place and the large ( about 1 1/4" in diameter ) vines that are coming off it are still whole...they trail along the ground and branch off ( second photo ) with one going up the elm tree at the back of the patio ( third photo ) and another taking off west through the fir tree ( fourth photo ) and ending up in a cascade of smaller vines to the west ( fifth photo )...hoping for a better harvest this coming autumn...we'll see how well i adapt to viticulture over the coming months...oh how i love research.


  1. i was disappointed...these things happen...2015 perhaps.