Monday, January 26, 2015

potato seedling transplant

some of the seedlings are pushing two inches tall ( top two photos ) and i was fearful that some were becoming pot-bound in the two inch square starter peat i filled some five inch ones part way with potting soil...tore the bottoms out of the starter pots ( third photo ) and placed them in the larger pots ( fourth photo ) and filled in the gaps until they had new homes ( fifth photo )...and the bottom photo is of the re-potted plants under the light...hopefully replanting them pots and all will reduce any root shock and they will be fine...the potting soil was a bag i had outside and brought in yesterday to thaw...condensation has made it very moist so there will be no watering for the foreseeable's hoping things continue to go well...there is more seed and more gibberellic acid here so there is every possibility of a start-over if there's a problem...i'd rather avoid this..we'll see.

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