Tuesday, February 10, 2015


things in the plant room were getting complex enough with chitting tubers and finding room for new plant sunder the lights but things have taken yet another odd turn down there...while i was doing routine maintenance this morning i noticed new shoots in a couple of the pots but did not have time to investigate...i had a closer look this evening and it is odd...the potting soil i am using is allegedly sterile but i have some doubt...that shoot coming in with the potato plant in the first two photos looks remarkably like some sort of grass...it assuredly does not resemble the two leaves the potato seedlings deployed as they germinated...so am i dropping seeds around? i don't think so...so is the potting soil corrupted...i am inclined to that simply because this doesn't look like teosinte and it isn't the only intruder...on the back side of the table there's another stranger among the spuds...and it doesn't look like a potato seedling either...compare them with the fifth photo which is of an eleven day old potato seedling..the putative grass is completely alien to it and the intruder in the second pot has no epidermal hairs so prevalent in the potato seedling...so...what are they? let them grow for now and hope for some identification is the plan...for now...if the interfere with the spuds, out the go...more as this develops.

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