Monday, March 9, 2015

...and ramps!

finally! in late summer 2013 i planted ramp seeds in this bed...they need a cycle of heat and then a cycle of cold to break dormancy...perhaps i didn't get them in soon enough...or it wasn't warm enough that late or warm for long enough ( the winter of 2013-14 was surely cold enough ) but they did not last autumn i bought roots to plant and they did the trick...the one in the top photo had been pushed up by frost heave so i covered the onion bulb to give it some protection..the third photo is of a second plant on the way up...i planted twelve roots...we'll see how many decide to have a season...there will be no harvest...the reproduce like bunching onions and when they mature i will be separating them and replanting them in the season we will be cooking with ramps ( you can use both the leaves and bulbs )...looking forward to that.

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