Sunday, March 8, 2015

solanum stolons

friday i was rambling on about the similarities and dissimilarities between the potato plants downstairs that were grown from tubers and those grown from seed...same plant of different varieties they are closely related enough that the morphological differences should be fairly superficial and today i noticed another similarity...the first and third photos are plants that were grown from tubers and the second and forth photos are of the stolons they are producing...those stolons mark them out as perennials...they also mark them out as indeterminate varieties which will continue to produce tubers as long as the stolons are covered or "hilled "...the sort of potato you want to grow in potato towers because as you cover the stolons to produce tubers the plant will develop more stolons above the soil surface that can, in turn, be covered with soil to produce more spuds...determinate potatoes, like determinate tomatoes, are bred to set tuber only to a standard height...they don't continuously produce stolons and were developed so commercial operations would not have to continuously "hill" the crop to prevent tubers from being exposed to sunlight and "greening"...i will be covering those stolons with soil just to see what happens...and i have an explanation for why some people's potato towers fail...determinate varieties of potatoes.

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