Monday, March 16, 2015

teosinte and mashua

the flower on the basement teosinte continues to deploy and the silks from the top leaf node are looking for pollen...i see an ear soon if it all goes well...but wait...there's more...the second photo is of another silk emerging from the next leaf node down the stalk yesterday and the third is the same node tonight...a second ear in the making..i am pleased more than i can say...i planted more seed in the bed outside i seeded last autumn so there is hope the teosinte growth will continue throughout the summer...if none germinates naturally in the next month i can always do the hydrogen peroxide soak and transplant them outdoors...the fourth photo is of the mashua tubers that arrived today...they are looking very healthy and i will be storing them indoors until the last frost date passes...these nasturtium family members are not frost tolerant...they will be container grown and we will see what we do about over-wintering when the time comes.

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