Saturday, April 4, 2015

erosion...but not in my yard

errands took me out past the nexus and into true rural space so while i was out there i stopped off at a berm on a cornfield i try to visit when i'm out that way because it has a berm that fails regularly...almost with clockwork precision every spring and every fall after can see in the top photo that there has been water standing in the low spots in the field and in the second you can see that while the erosion is still fresh some annuals have invaded the disturbed open niche is an open niche even if it is precarious...there's no erosion going on in my yard but there are potted potatoes sunning themselves on the railing of the deck ( third photo )...time to get them ready to go into the ground...i mulched the garlic beds ( FOURTH PHOTO )...not to protect hem from cold like i did over the winter...i put down a layer of straw and compost to keep the weeds down since garlic is sensitive to competition...the grasses are beginning to get the feel of spring...i finally have something i am willing to identify as teosinte ( fifth photo ) coming up in the outside so an area i planted with seed last autumn...more to come i hope...there is safety in numbers...and finally the intermediate wheat grass ( a non-native perennial...this came form kansas ) is "greening"...not like gamagrass...this is new growth..but it is green all the same...april is here and while cold isn't banished yet the cool weather crops are here...more time outside...more trips to the

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