Sunday, April 12, 2015

out of the basement...

went to my daughter ( natalie ) and son-in-law's ( damien ) house with some of the spuds from the deck ( top we were unloading them damien asked "got anything growing in here yet"...he knows my truck and it's capacity to shelter plant life ) to help get their garden's season underway...altogether we planted fourteen plants of assorted varieties in four rows and some turnips into the bargain...we will be back next month to possibly plant more spuds ( although the need for space to establish a three year rotation may limit what more we can do...still there's bound to be a spare corner or two ) and go to work on tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers as well as., perhaps, some pole beans to vine on the fence...we are just getting started...more as it comes up. 0

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